Sandberg Micro WiFi USB Dongle

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Micro WiFi USB Dongle

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O Micro WiFi USB Dongle da Sandberg oferece-lhe acesso à rede sem fios através de uma porta USB.


    Chipset: Ralink RT5370 Single Chip
    Compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards
    Compliant with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
    Range, indoor: 100 metres
    Range, outdoor: 300 metres
    Frequency band: 2.4000 ~ 2.4835 GHz
    Data rate: 150/72/54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6/5.5/2/1 Mbit/s auto fallback
    Security: 64/128 Bit Key Length WEP Encryption, WPA and WPA2
    Supports WPS function
    Built-in antenna (1T1R)
    Transmit power: 13~18 dBm

Informaçao da embalagem
    1 Sandberg Micro WiFi USB Dongle
    1 Driver CD
    1 User guide
    1 Warranty card

As medidas referem-se ao produto e à embalagem respetivamente.
                        Produto          Embalagem
Altura:                 0,71 cm         14,20 cm
Largura:              1,49 cm           8,70 cm
Profundidade:      1,74 cm           1,70 cm
Peso:                   2 g                     42 g

Garantia Fabricante:

5 anos


  • Reviews Insider says:
    »A great dongle that proves great things, do come in small packages. It manages to deliver a great range with great reliability, even to the further reaches of my house. All of this in such a small package is in my opinion, really impressive. Score: 5/5.«
  • xTremeSystems says:
    »An amazing wireless N adapter. It's fast, compact, stylish and stable. Everyone who needs a wireless adapter, should pick it up.«
  • Invision Community says:
    »Even though it is quite expensive when you look at its size, it surely justifies each cent spent.«
  • Tech Central says:
    »A cool wireless adaptor. «
  • Digitailing says:
    »"Plug and forget 'It's so small that you literally plug and forget that the device exists. «
  • TechCentral says:
    »Installing was a breeze. The wireless link seems every bit as fast as the cable.«
  • PC World:
    »Sandberg Micro Wifi has some obvious advantages when it comes to size.«
  • ComputerPartner says:
    »Much more speed than most users will ever need.«
  • Mediaplayerworld tested the dongle and says:
    »We tested against 6 other dongles 5 full size. The tiny little Sandberg Wifi Dongle was a star giving us a solid and consistent signal even through a number of walls. A tiny Ferrari in Wifi terms. We highly recommend it without reservation.«
  • says:
    »Micro size, unbelievable long range, sharp pricing and top performing compatibility leave us with no choice but to grant our absolutely highest grade: 10/10.«

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